October 24, 2011

History Lesson

We look back upon history from our smug perspective, tsk-tsking our past mistakes, certain we'll never repeat them.  We’re so much smarter than that now, better - morally enlightened and technologically superior. We’ve become wiser by learning from those mistakes.  We’re more watchful, aware and awake.  We control our destiny.

But such is the fallacy of our self-deluded pride.  For we're no smarter, certainly no better, and just as immoral as ever.  Technology may have advanced, but it does not afford us superiority over our ancestors, who worked harder and struggled more.

If we are so much wiser, why do we still make the same mistakes, not to mention creating all-new ones?  There’s more content transmission but less communication.  And only a fool believes they have total control over their destiny.


  1. I've been thinking along similar lines lately. Are we really any less "primitive" than we ever were?

  2. I think we're de-evolving because we no longer have to work for knowledge or cooking. Think about it--when was the last time you went the library to look something up or butchered a whole chicken to cook it?

  3. De-evolving indeed! (Devo's core message!)


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