September 27, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been raining here for two weeks straight now and there’s no sign of Indian Summer.  It’s been too cold and too wet for too long!  I’m sick of it!

Normally I love the fall, but my vision of a perfect fall includes crunchy dry leaves, not mushy wet ones.  It’s also harder to rake wet leaves, and you can forget about jumping in them.  No, rain is not my friend in the fall.

In the spring, rain is a welcomed event.  It helps melt lingering winter snow and helps the flowers to bloom.  Spring rain encourages the world to turn green again.  It’s beautiful!

But fall rain is just a drag.  It’s already colder, and the skies grow gloomy and grey – bad enough without bringing rain into the mix.  That’s like slamming the door on summer.

Not that I miss summer’s mugginess and scorching temperatures.  Good riddance, I say.  But I like autumn to creep in slowly, subtly tingeing edges of leaves, bringing morning frost to the lawn, gradually cooling off into light jacket weather.

No such luck.  Here and now the leaves all look wet and brown.  At least as far as I can tell, standing outside under an umbrella, peering over my foggy glasses and singing, “Rain, rain, go away…”

(Originally written for Indigo Spider's photo prompt.  I posted a shorter version for G-Man's Flash Friday 55 )


  1. finally stopped most of yesterday, long enough to feel dry...there are plenty others that could use it for sure...

  2. When it dries up, I want to see that picture of you jumping in leaves.


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