September 14, 2011

Leaf Catch

As a boy I invented a game called "Leaf Catch" which I played on breezy fall days.  It’s quite simple: Try to catch the leaves blowing off autumn trees.

I remember showing the other school kids how to play at recess one windy afternoon.  The wind would gust, starting another round, and we’d run to catch the falling leaves.  It was a resounding success and recess ended way too soon for all of us playing it.

The next time we tried to play it, most of the leaves were already blown from the trees.  Fewer kids played then, since there were fewer leaves to catch and it was much harder.  But I still played, reveling in this simple game I’d invented.  (Or at least thought I did)

After that it rained, making the few remaining leaves too wet and heavy for the game.  Still, for a brief time we got to share this spectacular game with Nature.  And life was rich.


  1. Beautiful colors! I just love those fun memories as a kid.

  2. I play leaf catch with my girls. It is a wonderful game for the most beautiful time of the year. Lovely picture.

  3. I know. You taught it to me via a dream. thanks.

  4. Fun story and great game, Eric. Like catching snowflakes in one's mouth.

  5. I love how the photo caught the movement and the falling leaves. I think it's a great game Eric. Gonna play it myself when the leaves start turning here.

  6. That's so sweet! I always liked jumping in big piles of leaves as a kid.


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