August 1, 2011

Taking Pictures

Something catches my eye
And I get my camera and try
To line up the shot just right
To focus in nice and tight
So everyone will see
This thing in front of me
Often it works just fine
And my subjects shine
But sometimes I still miss
Not focused on the right ‘this’
Or the light just goes away
And all my efforts go astray
Then sometimes it’s just me
When I simply cannot see
The camera seems to play tricks
And all of my shots become bricks


  1. Luckily, I had no problems with that this weekend. My shots came out fine. My video sucked. I kept turning the video camera off when I thought it was on and vice versa. Lots of great video of my feet and the inside of my carrying bag...

  2. Nice bit of poetry. To me, the adventure of photography is in the anticipation. My pictures never turn out like I thought they would. Sometimes they are better, but mostly they are just different.


  3. You have the perfect shot lined up with the light just right and "bam" you hit the off button instead of the picture button. I hate that when that happens. I have done that too many time, tee hee.

  4. Love that little poem....just want I needed today. Thanks for sharing, and making me feel better about my less than perfect photos :)


  5. Taking great photos can be so difficult! Nice little poem

  6. I totally agree with this! I just see something interesting and try to capture it for others. Great poem.


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