August 23, 2011

The Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon awoke from her nap, unfurling her long blue tail as she stretched.  She spread out her wings as far as they would go and gave them a good hard flap, lifting her lithe body half-way off the ground before easing back down again.

She decided she was hungry, and with a few brisk strokes of her wings she lifted easily up into the night sky.  She accelerated smoothly but rapidly, drifting across the dusty craters of the dark side where she lived.  The thin atmosphere would’ve made flight impossible for Earth creatures, but she was a magical celestial beast and didn’t have such meager limitations.

Using the moon’s gravity to slingshot her arc, she sped towards Earth to feed…


  1. nice...great start to a story...dragons are so cool...

  2. Okay, you must expand this into a series.

  3. Awesome!! My 2 dragon tattoos bow to your artistry. Moondragons are awesome. I hope you add more to the story. xo

  4. Conjures up great and mighty images for me. Nice job! I wish I didn't have such meager limitations either.

  5. I like this a bunch...I think I saw her at the all you can eat buffet along with a bunch of chubby folks.

  6. yikes, I thought she was beautiful until she headed to earth to feed


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