August 15, 2011

Lone Sandal

I came across a girl’s sandal along the roadside
but just how it got there I could not quite decide.

Did a sudden gust take it from its dangling toe
as her foot kicked the wind out the car’s window?

Did she hurry to make it across the busy street
and end up with just one sandal on her feet?

I hope the answer is so simple and plain
and not some act of nefarious pain.


  1. Hmm... the lone sandal. That's an age-old roadside dilemma. I run into a lone sneaker in the middle of the road all the time. I like to think a trash truck hit a bump and it fell out. If only the shoe could tell us how it all went down. It might make for an interesting story. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a short film like "the Red Balloon."

  2. Yes...why is it always one shoe? I guess some things will always be a mystery.

  3. Fun poem! I love wondering where the things on the side of the road came from. Great picture as well. Very interesting angle.

  4. Ah, the mysterious single shoe!

  5. I bet it was a doll's sandal. My types are always losing their accessories.

  6. yikes! reminds me of my red shoe poem (the one I saw in a river.)

  7. and why is it always just one shoe? Clever piece- made me smile!


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