August 25, 2011


Musical interlude
while I gather a thought

Just something distracting
‘til I say what I ought

Seeking to bewitch you
with these words so clever

Modify language to
further my endeavor

Drawing you in with some
smooth syncopated rhyme

Taking the world over
one frail mind at a time


  1. :) Oh, mine is a very frail mind indeed, and ripe for a non-so-hostile take over! I focus so intently on music that is actually a hinderance to my writing. Wierd huh?

  2. I remember something that I wrote a long time ago as a tweet or a status update... "There are books [or poems] that you can read while listening to music; and then, there are books [or poems] that make you pause the song and reread that special line again."

    Seems fitting here, somehow... doesn't it?

    Arnab Majumdar on

  3. You know I LOVE the idea of taking over the world one rhyme at a time. :)

    Great rhythym. Fun message. Thanks for the smile. :)


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