August 4, 2011

At The Zoo

People at the zoo like animals
Sleek, exotic, wild and attractive
We sometimes want to touch them
Feel their skin and fur with our hands
But we’re never allowed to touch
Only look at, watch and admire them
It’s the want that keeps us looking


  1. HI There! I stumbled across your blog from Teri's blog and didn't want to leave with out saying hi! Hubby and i went to the Albuquerque Zoo last month and i was wonderful. The animals all looked very well taken care of.

    I hope you'll stop by for a visit! deb

  2. Yeah, I often think how fun it'd be to cuddle up with a bear or say "here kitty, kitty" to the tigers. hee hee. It's true. We are goofy around our pets, even if they're exotic. Well said.

  3. True, you want to snuggle with the bad-boy cats but glad there are a couple of fences between us.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo. Our area (Alexandria, Louisiana) has a magnficient, well-funded zoo and we went there often with our kids, then the grand-ones. It makes me sad to see the Lions and Tigers pacing in their enclosures even though they have large habitats. But, some days I feel like a caged animal myownself. Great post! xo

  5. The animals look at us wondering why we live behind fences :)


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