July 12, 2011

Goodbye Momma

I held your hand
And watched you pass
One last contact
Your eyes of glass

We watched you breathe
Less, less, then none
Your daughter, husband
And me, your son

My brother kissed you
Once you were gone
Just a teddy bear
Beneath his brawn

We hugged and cried
And said goodbye
Grieved but relieved
To see you die

You suffered long
Your health so poor
We wanted peace
And nothing more


  1. Peace and love... kisses and hugs to you!

  2. oh my- my sympathies to you and your family- I have been there watching a mother slowly stop breathing. It's a gift to be there with your loved one and heart breaking.

  3. Eric, such a true-hearted poem. I was with my mom and my grandma when they passed. It is a privilege to love someone through that transition. It sounds like your mom was very fortunate to have her family by her side. She is now released from her suffering. I send you my deepest sympathy. You will miss her.

  4. such a hard thing eric, the loss of a wife lost her mom a few years of the hardest days of my life...

  5. Peace. Yes. And comfort. We want them to comfortable and at peace. Sometimes that means away from us. Therein lies the difficulty. OUR missing. OUR empty space at the table. We let them go, and yet we hang on. So difficult. ((Hugs)) to you and your family.

  6. Loss of a mother to a son is very hard. I feel for you. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  7. Sending love and thoughts to your and your family. I am very sorry for your loss.


  8. My heart goes out to you, Eric. Hoping you find a little peace.

  9. so deeply sorry for your loss. may you find all the comfort you need.


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