July 28, 2011

Campground Morning

A pretty, dappled morning
Dirt road sun-speckled
Trees looming overhead

Some campsites showing
Thin wisps of white-grey smoke
Left from last night’s fire

Walk down to the beach
Already attracting kids
On this warm summer morn

Lake surrounded by forest
Only the swimming buoys
Disrupt the pristine view

Fog lingers at the far edges
Slowly, two whitetail deer
Retreat from their drinking

The quiet of the morning
Rapidly replaced by
Cries of excited play


  1. This reminds me so much of the lakes here, surrounded by trees, peace and widlife. But hearing children's giggles and sharing laughter is such a beautiful noise at times, too.
    Lovely prose.

  2. nice...i love camping so i really enjoyed the awakening in your world...

  3. Me too! I wanna be there. Why am I in this ugly office with my window rattling from passing trucks? Is this life?'s just a paycheck. Enjoy Bubba.

  4. a peaceful scene you have shown us here. we camped on Myrtle beach in June and that is how it was. I want to be there now...

  5. giggles and camping go hand in hand! Lovely piece Eric!


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