June 27, 2011


Find your big broad mountain
That obstacle so wide
Climb your big broad mountain
To see the other side

Find your rushing river
Those deep waters of fear
Cross your rushing river
The far is growing near

Find your secreted way
That not-obvious trail
Walk your secreted way
Until you pierce the veil


  1. interesting, Eric, you've listed things here that give me peace as though they are to be faced or conquered. interesting to think about.

  2. Sounds like my current life story. I found out life has no fences and it has no electric border collars that zap you if you get out of place. When you realize that, it's like being a pup freed from the yard. Where to piss next?

  3. It's all about the journey, isn't it, Bubba? So much to learn before we get to the veil.

  4. I hear a quote yesterday..."What successes await you on the other side of your fear." Makes me wonder, as I have circumvented many a broad mountain. I looked up and considered my attempt, saw my failure, and turned around. Sad. What did I miss? Much, I am sure.

  5. Find yourself, and be brave to make that journey ~

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  6. Keep walking and climbing until you get where you are supposed to be.....excellent!

  7. I love this! It's sorta like a super nice way to say, "Stop running from the hard stuff, dummy. That's how you get to the good!" :)


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