June 23, 2011

A Little Sad

(Reprinted from my WordPress blog of February 15th, 2008)

I always find it a little sad when I check my mail box (e-mail or otherwise) and don’t find anything waiting for me there.  It’s like the world is too busy to give you the time of day, as is you’re not important enough to warrant noticing.  I know that’s a bit over-stated but, doggone it, that’s how it feels some times.
But even worse than getting no mail is being inundated with junk mail (credit card offers, spam, etc) from a bunch of idiots who don’t even know you and are just trying to make a buck.  They send you offers for crap you neither want nor need – nor can imagine anyone wanting or needing – in impersonal mass-mailings that just clog the delivery systems involved and basically amount to so much wasted time.  I can’t imagine how effective these techniques are at making money, but I’m sure there’s no shortage of suckers out there to make it profitable enough to continue.
That’s another thing that’s sad - there are so many people with nothing better to do than create junk mailings.  What a boon to mankind.  How fortunate for all of us that they’re working hard to supply us with an endless supply of bullshit.  They’re like cockroaches… there’s always another one.  I don’t know if cockroaches have a natural enemy, but it seems that there’d be plenty of food for one.  What we need is a natural enemy for junk mail, something that hunts it down and devours it.  It’s a little sad we don’t have one of those either.  Imagine having a mailbox (electronic or otherwise) that could take junk mail and back-track it to its source, then eliminate said source quickly and efficiently.  Then it would send you an alert that another source of junk mail had been eliminated.  How cool would that be?
What we need are private mailboxes that only accept things we allow – Yes, accept the phone bill.  No, do not accept the 0% limted-term credit card offers.  Yes, accept the e-mail from Uncle Bob.  No, do not accept the e-mail for "Cheap Meds!"
If you think about it, our time here on Earth is limited and, being so, is one of our most precious commodities.  They’ve got some nerve presuming to waste MY time with this nonsense.  I’m fully capable of seeking a credit card on my own if I want one, or asking somebody for cheap meds – which I would never do, but that’s MY preogative.  I suppose the real ones to be upset with are those suckers who continue to make junk mail a profitable business in the first place, because without them there wouldn’t be any junk mailings.  (Supply and demand, after all)
But one of these days I’ll get a REAL e-mail from the REAL deposed former Prime Minister of Botswana, and my ship will finally come in… it’s a little sad that it hasn’t happened yet.


  1. oh you are so right, my dear Eric... time spent here, getting lots of nothing and expecting WHAT?
    Anyway we'll one day leave this world and the mails will keep on arriving... some too late, others... too unappropriately.

    Yes, that Bostwana PM could make for what we expect :::-)))

  2. If I get one more e-mail for Viagra...I'm gonna kill a penis. I swear on my Nonfat-decaf-two pump-extra hot mocha that I will NEVER buy viagra for the sole reason that they have solicited me to death!

  3. Haha. I laughed today because I got an email from an online newspaper in India that wanted me to write a 300-500 word article they would print in their paper. So, apparently, India is now outsourcing its writing to America. Hmm.. I get a great thrill when I see certain email addresses in my box. It's like getting an Xmas gift to hear from certain people. Funny how their online address name can come to be a symbol for them and what they mean in your life.

  4. You said it all. I want to know what is UP with the viagra emails. Apparently nothing, jeez. Waiting for an email...


  5. I CONCUR!!! Five days late. I know. I'm one of the busy people. But, I do care!!! :)


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