June 20, 2011

Baby Bird

Frail baby bird,
fallen from its nest,
weak and thin, shaking.

How did you survive?
How’d you escape your egg?
And will you ever get to fly?

Will they ever come
from high above
to rescue little you?

Times like this,
I find myself hoping
that there is a God.

For I can’t save you,
poor baby bird,
though I want to so.


  1. I have been there and always feel this way. Sweet little baby birds!

  2. I remember as a kid, my mom told me not to mess with eggs or baby birds or the mama birds would not come back. I did find a baby bird one time and put it back in the nest. I figured if it was going to die, it should die in its own bed. The mama bird swooped down to shoosh me away and I took off for school. When I came home from school, the mama bird flew from tree to tree as if following me all the way to my back door. The next day, she was on the honey locust tree waiting for me. She followed me from tree to tree to the edge of the property. She did this every single day that spring. I never knew if she was protecting me or being sure I don't mess with her young, but there was nothing threatening about it. She would sing a little bit and I'd smile. I remember giving her a name. Can't remember what it was, but something old-fashioned sounding. I was glad she attended to her baby bird. I watched her monitoring the bird's flying progress. It was so sweet. Made me question all old wives tales henceforth.

  3. It's true. Well, I heard it's true. If you touch a baby bird, it's momma won't go near it. So sad.

  4. aw, that is sad. I found a baby bird like that only it had already died. I also saw a sqirrel in the middle of the street yesterday that had just got hit and he couldn't use his hind legs. he was literally dragging his body across the road with his front little legs only. I about cried.

  5. So touching, Eric....poor little bird.

  6. We do want to be "The Savior," don't we. But it just isn't always meant to be. Poignant.

  7. This is one of the saddest things...nature has it cruel moments....bkm

  8. This is so heartbreaking

  9. This is a sad fact of this imperfect world we live in.
    Definitely heartbreaking.

  10. the helplessness is well presented in your work.
    a job well done.

  11. Well said i have felt just like that so often


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