May 18, 2011


I want to live my life beyond time,
without watch or calendar to mark my days
as they come and go, no names or dates attached

Just the dusk and the dawn, daytime and night
Seasons flowing into seasons, unmarked
but by the weather and winds that pass


  1. I have often felt this way! It might help to realize that time is a mental construct, and doesn't really exist. That probably won't help much, though, if you have to be to work at a certain time in the morning!

  2. ...summer is almost here, that is about as close as it will get for me for a while! Imagine no need for a calendar. Sounds like heaven.

  3. This made me happy and sad at the same time ... I realized that so much of our concept of "TIME" is dictated by other people ...

    This reminded me of how there are times I'd really love to pull a Henry David Thoreau ...

  4. When I was about fifteen or sixteen, I was unemployed for the summer holidays. I decided it would be cool to do away with all ways to measure time - calendars and clocks. I ate when I was hungry, slept when I was tired, and basically just did whatever I wanted *when* I wanted. End result, i ended up sleeping all day (wide awake all night) and I gained ten pounds. Wonder how that same experiment would work out at this stage of my life...? The way you describe it sounds divine...

  5. What a thoughtful post...I would love to live this way too. And I want to be "young" forever.


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