May 4, 2011


I saved this chicken bone
From our last supper together
The last meal you made
Before you left for good

I didn’t expect it and
I wasn’t prepared at all
For such a sudden departure
So many unanswered questions

The only thing worse
Than losing you is
Knowing that you
Are not really gone


  1. ouch well ain't that a bummer? the ending caught me though... "knowing that you are not really gone" not what I was expecting... very nice.

  2. nice twist in the end eric...but i think i might make the wish, break that bone and be done with it...

  3. I broke a wishbone once with my sister. We wrestled it out of the turkey while it was still hot. We each grabbed it and pulled. It was slick and sliced right through our fingers deep and bloody. Standing there on the kitchen floor, the whole wishbone on the floor where were dropped it, we did the only thing we could. We shook hands. Sometimes, you take bad things and make a pact.

  4. that is so sad. your last line really fuels the emotional fire on this one, Eric.

  5. Very sad...the loss of someone never really totally mends....bkm

  6. Touching, a sad ending.... things will get better.

  7. I love the ending! Beautiful, Eric.


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