May 19, 2011

Free-flowing word-association

An association for words?
Like some kind of society for phrases to come together and mingle?

Everybody has one
in their head

Some are more crowded than others
Some are cool and spartan and remote
Some crammed to the rafters like a hoarder's treasure trove of junk

This is some of what leaked out of my head
and I rarely do prompts

(Holding my breath, pouting, because I want people to do MY prompt too!)


  1. Words DO need an association, I think! Interesting poem.

  2. My word association wouldn't let me join! They said they didn't want my kind in with them. Damn. And they have all the good parties.

  3. Creative and I agree, I'm not much of a prompt fan myself, but it be fun in a prompt kind of way. Enjoyed your post.

  4. Interesting free flow; I can relate~

  5. I must admit to liking prompts as they provoke thoughts in the corners of my mind that I didn't know were there.

    That said, other thoughts just appear, unbidden and I happily go with the flow.

    Anna :o]

  6. The Word Association! I like it. And I give this the title 'In The Club' !!

  7. My words refuse to associate!

  8. I like 'your' association of words.


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