May 24, 2011


Doubt is a sneaky bastard
He sneaks into your mind
Through every little crack
Or cranny he can find

He eats away in small nibbles
Wearing you down from inside
Taking bites of your confidence
Until he has turned its tide


  1. It certainly does! But only if you let it... ;)

  2. Sometimes, doubt is just a warning sign, all those little things that bother you, make you unsure, are trying to tell you something. If you're lucky, the tides of it will take you over and you will not be able to plug up all the holes and ignore some greater truth. Very well done.

  3. Jeez, now you've got songs by No Doubt swirling in my head!

  4. He sure is ~

    However, a bit of caution, even doubt is good because it spurs you to do your best, at least for me.

  5. i dont fear doubt, or questions, i think they have their merit to deepen us...but uncontrolled, yes...they nibble...

  6. Myself...?
    Show me the Money...Honey!

  7. doubt is on a few minds tonight, i see. yes, doubt used to make me feel bad, but now i see it as an opportunity. i think it only gets bad when you don't address it. when it creeps up, there is investigating to be done.

  8. And from time-to-time he comes by for a visit. I like this reflection.

  9. I don't have time to leave comments on all of them, but... I really like the brain, heart and doubt poems! Excellent theme. Very thoughtful and interesting. I go back and forth between trusting heart and brain... due to doubt of course.

    P.S. Did your horoscope come true yet? Maybe use that cash to get away from the rain by taking a trip to sunny California! (I know. Not nice to brag...)

  10. You can say that again, Eric! But I can say this with no doubt that your poem is 100% TRUE and awesome!!!
    Incidentally, this is 2nd one shot poem on doubt I am reading today.. :) Hmm... undoubtedly, doubt seems to be in the air...

  11. very nice...and true. though for me it seems more like huge chunks being bitten off at a time. although, that may just be doubts cousin, paranoia, talking...


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