April 12, 2011

Take Us, Make Us

I want to take you to the cemetery
Make eerie, spooky graveyard love
Our moans haunting the night

I want to take you deep in the woods
Make hot, hairy Bigfoot love
Our groaning heard miles away

I want to take you to the beach
Make sweet, salty tidal love
Our screams crashing with the waves

I want to take you to a mountain top
Make windy high-altitude love
Our wails drifting down from above


  1. hot hairy big foot kinda love? that just sounds kinda i would def dig the cemetary...far too many places to get sand for the beach...but mountain tops, oh yeah at sun break....well not with you, my wife maybe...smiles.

  2. That was fantastic--such enthusiasm! I say, put him in the game, coach! He's ready to go up to bat!

  3. ... and I thought I was way too old for kind of talk! Not in the least! Graet work!

  4. You got me so befuddled I couldn't even spell 'great!'

  5. Yes yes yes, I like the way you think.

  6. interesting premise... sex in all those places.. this feel very elemental and earthy. Like it (also like that you still use the phrase 'make love' despite the tone being more primal and animal-instinctive than that.)



  7. hot hairy bigfoot love? that made me chuckle - I like the rhythm and tone of this overall - you write some fun stuff...keep it up!


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