April 22, 2011

Moon Whispering

If I could ride into the sky to hide
If I could write to the moon tonight
I’d whisper true in delicious blue:

“My sweet friend, these words to you I send
Hoping that you dream a magic kind of dream
As you glide into sight on this beautiful night.”

The cold that you reap while the world is asleep
Is the balancing charm to the day’s sunny warm
The sun is just green, though his envy is unseen

Let no teardrop pool over the sun, that fool
His sour jealousy makes no difference to me
He’s no big star and nothing like you are


  1. aw, love it.
    though it makes an alex chilton song buzz around in my head. that's a good thing!

  2. really nice..its kind of lyrical

  3. wonderful poem.... thanks for visiting my blog~

  4. I am a moon lover and I really appreciate that piece.

  5. This retains the innocence of the original material. I especially liked your use of internal rhyme. It added a little kick to each line.

  6. Wow! Amazing what you were able to do with the list of words! Great poem!

  7. he's no big star...smiles. you spin shel well eric...magic in your words...

  8. Lovely poem in response to the prompt. I enjoyed the read, thanks. : )

  9. Beautiful bubba! Next time I'm gonna check what everyone's writing and then start mine :p


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