April 27, 2011

Color Me Yellow

Lights change quickly from green to yellow
And I need to floor it to make it in time
The story of my life in a nutshell: I go
Rushing whenever lemon follows lime

Sometimes I’m lucky and make every light
Moving ahead with the greatest of ease
Other times I simply cannot time them right
Like I’ve caught some time-warping disease

Most days I’m rushing just to get by
Gallon by gallon my fuel will burn
Through all the intersections I fly
Hoping nobody’s making a left turn


  1. fun post.... be careful when you are driving ~

  2. i love that you colored the poem like a traffic light - immediately caught my eye.. and i know exactly what you're talking about..

  3. smiles. i think you summed up many a life in this...nice way to be creative with the color as well how many tickets you got for running those lights? smiles.

  4. Visually -- a stunning portrayal. Don't we all wonder what it takes to romance the green light? When you get into that groove where it's green lights all the way, don't you take it as a sign from the gods that you should buy a lottery ticket?

  5. This was so fun, Eric. I had one of those rare "green light" days the other day. It really makes a huge difference crossing the city and it sort of make you feel all special. :)

  6. Yikes! Remind me not to be out when you are on the road! :o)

  7. Nice poem - nice analogy. I often feel as if I'm flying through intersections also. Sometimes it's nice to hit a red light.

  8. Wonderful! I get this so good.

  9. Good morning sir...may I see your license and registration please?

  10. Awesome poem! I especially love the format and, "rushing whenever lemon follows lime". Brilliant! :)

  11. ha, hoping nobody making a left turn - ugh, been there (not the one making a left turn, btw.) Like how you used the colors here - great visuals


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