March 18, 2011


I find clay, cold and gray
stiff and stubborn
reluctant to change
heavy and still, lifeless lump

I lift it up
bending and kneading
the clay resists, but I persist
in my visceral pleading

I fold and rub
and lean into it
it warms and softens
starts to give acquiesce

I work it thoroughly
I put my back into it

Arms and hands
pulling and pushing
the clay slowly gives in
to my demands

Manual pleading
insistent and urging
it conforms to my will
more easily now

I start to shape it
twist and form it
make the clay into
what I want and need

Smooth and contour
form and sway
graceful curves
the clay obeys

Soon the form is there
the shape I desire
to put to my use
to make it mine

Through trial of fire
it hardens and sets
sleek and smooth
in colorful glaze

I caress my creation
feel its purpose
sure and certain
solid and strong

My pride restrained
but not wholy shunned
for there is much good
in what has become

When I am gone
into my decay
this shall remain
what once was clay


  1. Wow, that's very well done! Are you a potter too? Apparently you have all sorts of creative talents!

  2. cue the righteous brothers! go eric alder!

  3. That was brilliant. A moment of focus and kinetic energy and a lifetime of beauty. Shows what a little sweat'll get ya. Very well done.

  4. I can see Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze right now!

  5. ha g-man...i like working with clay, so much you can do with it...nice write eric you capture the moment well...

  6. what a beautiful expansion,
    55times 3 plus 28,
    your poem is simply perfect.

  7. Great job, Eric. Excellent flow and engaging from beginning to end.

  8. Aww.. you talented person!! So beautifully written, Eric!! What we can make out of what we have, goes to show what we are made of!!
    That last stanza was tight.. but lovely!!

  9. God is the sculpter and we are the clay.....a lovely poem of becoming Eric....beautiful! :-)

  10. What a wonderful metaphor for life! Our life is indeed like clay. The way we shape it proves to be detrimental later; and even after we are gone, it is left behind, for someone to pick up and examine.

  11. It takes a lot of stamina and hard work to create an artwork - in clay or in words.

  12. Very nice writing Eric...this will remain..and it should be so...our words are our is our soul placed to ink and you do a wonder to express yours so nicely here...bkkm

  13. "this shall remain what once was clay". I love it, and it is the same for our poems too, something to say we were here. Great poem, Eric!

  14. Eric, I used to do a lot of clay pottery, this remands me of the creating process. Well done.


  15. authentic one,well done.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  16. Nice! My clay is a pen and a blank page. :)


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