March 29, 2011

Level Head

Those who go around
always looking down
may find the ground
extremely profound

But will not see the stars or sky
may never ponder how or why
and will not notice passers-by

Those whose only care
is always looking in the air
may see great wonders there
among the clouds so fair

But will not ever win a race
with footsteps always out of place
and misses everybody's face

But me, I keep a level head
I always see what lies ahead
so my path is  not misled
I greet all people in my stead

I never hesitate to see
the stumbling blocks in front of me
and see both forest and tree


  1. I like your poem today. I am not a very observant person, but after I got my little camera, I joined the meme "SkyWatch Friday" for a few months, and begin to notice things I never noticed before.

    BTW my poetry blog is here;

    Thanks for visiting my blog "Quotes and Things" today, I liked your comment. Like you, I have more than one blog, My blogs seem to have themes, and they are for my own entertainment, and fun.

  2. That was a great perspective, apparently one guided by looking forward.

  3. Definitely hits the mark for me.

  4. You have a certain kind of wisdom, Bubba, that not everyone acquires. And the rhyming scheme is really good, too! :-)

  5. They most certainly will know what color shoes are
    Or even the rims on a passing car

    Ants and plants and muddied water
    Will be the view and eye fodder.


  6. Yer sayin' I gotta stop star gazin'?

  7. Eric, I love how well you handle a rhyme scheme.



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