March 10, 2011

I Remember The Boy

I remember the boy 
Who was thoughtful and shy
And creative and playful
Always wondering why

I remember the boy
Who waded in the creek
Catching crawdads and tadpoles
With such skillful technique

I remember the boy
Who once played with fire
When they came with a hose
It kinda quenched that desire

I remember the boy
Who got bullied at school
Taunting and hitting him
‘cause they thought it was cool

I remember the boy
Who played out in the rain
With no coat or galoshes
Drove his momma insane

I remember the boy
Who made long bike-tire skids
Collecting grasshoppers and fireflies
Praying mantis or katydids

I remember the boy
Who had sticks and stones
And clods of dirt that hurt
But never broke no bones

I remember the boy
Who really liked to draw
And paint great big pictures
Of the world that he saw

I remember the boy
Who kissed his first girl
On a bridge over the creek
And it made his head whirl

I remember the boy
Who was here just yesterday
I hear him calling me now
Think I’ll go out and play


  1. I think the boy is still here living and breathing in your words and heart Eric! This is such a wonderful reminicent poem...I love it! :-)

  2. smiles. that boys is still there...go play my friend...

  3. That boy will always be with you...

  4. Keep the boy there Eric, it makes the presence of your personality special! Thanks for coming by and cheering my Broken Sparkles :) ...

    Will you be kind enough to drop me a link for your wordpress blog, I sort of lost most information on the old blog ...

    Thanks a lot!

  5. aw, how sweet. really, made my heart smile


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