March 31, 2011


I have a poem I want to write
Thoughts that tear, thoughts that bite
Thoughts that keep me up at night

It’s the story of one brother
One sister and one mother
One of three, unlike the other

Malcontented from the start
Nothing ever played a part
Nothing ever touched his heart

Intelligent beyond compare
Did crazy things with his hair
Did everything without a care

Misguided acts of his youth
Learned Mary Jane’s sweet truth
Learned Jack’s too, ninety-proof

Threw his life down the drain
Too much anger, too much pain
Too many demons in his brain

I have a poem I want to write
Perhaps, another time, I might
Perhaps tomorrow, not tonight


  1. That was beautiful and the cadence and the character development. I don't know how you do in one poem what I have to write a whole novel to get across. That's talent.

  2. Great flow, and I love the story you tell, especially the connection between the first and last triplet. Like coming full circle.

  3. It's a brilliant poem, but sad.

    There's hope for change.

  4. Beautiful. I could relate to the first stanza in particular. As poets we always feel that particular need to put 'biting' thoughts down on paper.

  5. Oh very touching - in life we watch so many brilliant people throw it all away. Very sad. I love the implied message, of a poem too painful to write. In these words, we feel that waiting poem being born. Just beautiful.


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