March 25, 2011


If you call
I will answer

If you are lost
I will find you

If you cry
I will dry your tears

If you know desires
I will fulfill them

If you seek knowledge
I will help you look

If you get cold
I will warm you

If you get hot
I will quench you

If you are angry
I will soothe you

If you want to know
I will tell you

If you need a friend
I will be there

If you fall
I will pick you up

If you rush
I will dawdle

If you know fear
I will protect you

If you speak of love
I will be there to hear you

If you feel small
I will magnify you

If you are hungry
I will feed you

If you are thirsty
I will draw water from the well

If you hesitate
I will ask you why

If you feel dizzy
I will be a still point

And if you pass away
I will surely follow


  1. sweet character shown in your words here.
    have fun.

  2. That brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine a human being having that capacity. I have hung around all the wrong types.

  3. "If you feel small
    I will magnify you"

    You have a lovely soul!

  4. Wow, wow, wow. I want to write this to someone and I want them to write it to me..right on my heart. Love this!

  5. This is very yin and yang: a perfectly balanced love.

  6. the ultimate connection beautifully, lovingly, penned

  7. I can totally relate.....

    I was magnified by reading this...

  8. This is very very beautiful. What a sincere and giving heart you have! Someone is very lucky! as are we, to read your words. Thank you!

  9. definitely beautiful, i gave you one of my weekly goddess awards which you can collect anytime you like.

    happy blogging!

  10. Great One . Yes Mr you deserved it here from E D Goddess!

  11. If only we all had a friendship such as this!

  12. Eric,
    Very sincere words and promises.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  13. I hope that the person you were writing this for knows how much they have touched your heart and soul. This holds some pretty special thoughts Eric, well worth the award from EG.

  14. That's exactly how I feel about my Ada!


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