February 1, 2011

Shedding Dexter

I have a dog, Dexter, he sheds all the time
So much so, in fact, he inspired this rhyme

I find his white hair in each place that I look
On clothing, on furniture, in every book

It wafts up in clumps, under tables, in corners
Like fluffy seeds blown by summertime mourners

When I get dressed, there’d be nothing better
Than not finding his fur all over my sweater

Dexter’s no bad dog, and he means no harm
But sometimes it feels like I live on a farm

Some day he will be gone, and I will despair
And I will miss Dexter... but not all of that hair!


  1. dude what a cool looking dog...i had a hound growing up that was dear to my heart...named hobo

  2. We got Dexter from the Basset Hound Rescue group. He's a lovable oaf who thinks he's a lap dog just like our little daschund, Joey.

  3. that might be the cutest dog i have ever seen!

  4. Wanna buy him, cheap? (No? How about free?)

  5. So you're one of them crazy cat ladies, is that it? With MULTIPLE white cats?

    That's a lot of p- er, cats.

    That's what HE said! (sort of)

  6. Thanks, Marit! He posed so nice for the picm didn't he? :)

  7. aw this is such a funny tribute to a funny dog- we once had a basset hound....what a rover (no pun)....and after he had run away over 10 times and I had to go get him back I told the college kids who he wanted to be with that they could keep him...BIG SMILES

  8. hey! are ya sleeping in his bed? That profile photo looks like it!

  9. Like the new button pic? I'm actually lounging in a lumberjack bunk at Hartwick Pines National Forest in northern Michigan, the last original-growth pine trees left standing from the logging days. (Thanks to CDG for the button!)

  10. Eric, what can I say, this touched me. I am a big
    animal lover. Love the rhyming:)

  11. HaHa!! We have two Lab mixes, about 50 pounds each, and they shed like crazy. We'll be finding Rigby and Penny hair two decades from now. It's okay, though. The shedding is a small price to pay for all the love and joy they provide. I'm sure your Dexter supplies more than his weight in fur of love and happiness. :)

  12. Dexter is a needy thing, constantly seeking attention. And he's probably shedded enough fur to equal his own weight, too!

  13. Today I cried at the thought of our Peachie now 13 dying, as I once in a while do. But, I bet she's still got at least 5 years in her!

    She does not shed. But the cat does once a year, and I can relate to the hairs being even in your books. And in the mugs on the highest shelf in the cupboards? :)


  14. I came here from The Arts Web Show. I loved your poem selected for Richard to do his creative magic. He did a great job, as did you. It was bit depressing, however.

    I can relate to this poem very well, as I have both dog and cat...and hair all over the place. I sometimes entertain myself watching the cat hair float about the room:~)

    The worse part is when you go out for an important meeting and suddenly realize you forgot to use the sticky roller on your clothes.

    Still, I do love my buddies. They keep me constantly entertained and somehow it's worth the embarrassing and annoying hair.

    p.s. I take the penny. I'm not proud:~)

  15. Aw, could be worse, Eric. It could be *your* hair that you find all over stuff! :)

  16. Awwww - how cute is he! Great poem, I can relate, two dogs here!

  17. I love his soulful face....and yeah, you'll even miss the hair:)

  18. I cannot get over that dog's ears!

    Are they all silky and wonderful?

    I love my pug's ears for their texture.

  19. Have you considered laser hair removal? hee hee
    He's so adorable. I'm sure you can forgive him anything.


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