January 20, 2011

Her Name is Justice

With determined step Justice comes
Unhindered by doubt
Un-slowed by indecision
Walking towards he who betrayed Her

Unconscious on the stone floor he lies
Bound and bruised
Beaten and bloody
Unaware how he got there or why

Her wrath is not always swift
Nor always brought to light
But it is always forthcoming
And always served in the end

She walks over to him slowly
Each step echoing
Ticking in clock time
Ready for Her final soliloquy

Through bleary eyes he squints
Head throbbing in pain
Aching on the cold floor
As he struggles to see Her face

Thus do our sins fall upon us
Crashing down with sudden fury
Crushing down with ominous weight
‘Til we cry out for undeserved mercy


  1. yay for justice...she does find a way...

  2. eric, you most certainly are flying. i love this.

  3. I do believe in Kharma and Justice
    Nice poem...!

  4. I like your personification of Lady Justice and her relationship to the eventuality of retribution. My daddy used to say, "You pay a price for everything," and it took me a long time to understand that even good things come at a price. Justice may not always be swift, but she is inevitable.

  5. must be karmas sister...


    naturally one would think to pass forgiveness onto this hurting man....

    but, nah! everything does happen for a reason, huh?


  6. Was she another one of those costumed crime fighters that haunt the streets of Seattle?

    Seriously...great piece.

  7. Yes! She came to town to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and she was all out of gum!

    (And "Kick Ass" is a kick-ass movie!)


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