December 2, 2010

Rock ‘n Roll Fridays: Tom Petty

Welcome to Rock ‘n Roll Fridays.

We are like other memes in that we will ask you thirteen questions each and every Friday.  But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a singer, band, era or category and pick thirteen of their songs.

Each of our questions will be based on the songs.  Got it?  Great!  Let's begin this week's meme!

Today we picked Tom Petty.

1. AMERICAN GIRL: “Well, she was an American girl Raised on promises. She couldn't help thinkin' That there was a little more to life somewhere else”

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere else? Where?

Eventually I plan to move to northern Michigan, away from the overpopulated city life.  More hunting and fishing (and peace and quite too!)

2. BREAKDOWN: “Honey, I get the feeling you wont. There is no sense in pretending. Your eyes give you away, Something inside you is feeling like I do…”

Have you caught someone in a lie recently?

No, not recently.
(Boy, some answers can be pretty boring if you can’t say ‘yes’ to them!)

3. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW IT FEELS: “People come, people go, Some grow young, some grow cold.  I woke up in between, A memory and a dream”

Do you live in the past?

No, that’s impossible.  I live in the present, just like everybody else.
(Whether they know it or not!)

4. THE WAITING: “The waiting is the hardest part, Every day you see one more card. You take it on faith, you take it to the heart, The waiting is the hardest part”

What have you had to wait for?

A nice zoom lens for my camera.  (I’m getting one for Christmas! Yay!)

5. STOP DRAGGIN MY HEART AROUND: “Baby you'll come knocking on my front door.  Same old line you used to use before. That's the game, well... what am I supposed to do.  I didn't know what I was getting into”

Ever been a sucker?

I may have fallen for an occasional trick or scam in the past, but that was a LONG time ago.  I'm much more wiley these days.

6. REFUGEE: “Honey, it dont make no difference to me, Baby, everybodys had to fight to be free…”

Have you ever been in a physical fight with another person?

Yes.  (See my answer to question #2 HERE)

7. LAST DANCE WITH MARY JANE: “Last dance with Mary Jane, One more time to kill the pain, I feel summer creepin' in, And I'm tired of this town again…”

Have you ever tried marijuana or another illegal drug?

No.  (See? Yet another boring answer!)

8. INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN: “He met a girl out there with a tattoo too. The future was wide open. They moved into a place they both could afford. He found a night club he could work at the door"

Have you done something on the spur of the moment that worked out fine?

Actually, most things I do like that seem to work out fine.  I try not to be totally predictable, nor plan-out in everything.

9. HERE COMES MY GIRL: “Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl, Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight”

What do you need besides your significant other tonight?

Dinner, some TV time, and maybe a beer.  Then sleep.

10. HARD ON ME: “Maybe if I tried, I could turn the other cheek, Maybe, but how big do I have to be?  I need someone To put their arm around me Shelter me from all harm…”

What is the worst thing you have forgiven someone for?

Stealing a gold watch.

11. FREE FALLIN: “She's a good girl, loves her mama, Loves Jesus and America too.  She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis, Loves horses and her boyfriend too…”

What are 6 things you love or are crazy about?

Only six? Okay, I’ll try to narrow it down…

1. Rollercoasters
2. Good beer
3. Good food
4. Good music
5. Photography
6. My family

12. EVEN THE LOSERS: “Baby, even the losers get lucky sometimes, Even the losers keep a little bit of pride. They get lucky sometimes”

Have you ever been a loser?

No, I always win at everything I do.

Now... did you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or not?

How about that ocean-front property in Arizona?

13. SHADOW OF A DOUBT: “With that little certain something, she's a complex kid, And she's always been so hard to get around.  She always likes to leave me with a shadow of a doubt.”

What is the shadiest advice you have ever been told?

“It’s only illegal if you get caught!”

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Next week's artist: SIMON & GARFUNKEL!


  1. Tom Petty is ever in my heart & soul.

    My sister got lucky and married a yuppie when I used to live in a two-room apartment and the wai-wai-ai-ting was the hardest part.

    Yer so bad, Eric -- but absolutely wonderful!!

    6 things I'm crazy about...

    the husband
    the daughter
    fried chicken


  2. Ok I'll bite.. so as not to bore about I answer the even question:
    2. Well yes I have and know what I did.. busted them on it and said, "C-Ya"
    4. I'm waiting on Santa to bring me a life partner. Been single and not dated for 2 years. I am nun

    6. oinly once..7th grade i was dared to snatch a wig off this black girl. Wrong dare to do. She whooped my tail, then we became good friends our remainder school years.

    8. I am very spontaneous. Hell I'm the lady that rides a skateboard while walking her dog. Yes, plan on some things, most do not. Makes life more interesting.

    10. My ex husband for 20 yrs of abuse. I really meant it too.

    12. Shoot yeah I have been a loser.. Bought a piece of crap car and stoped paying on it, they repo'd it and I was happy as hell.. Com-n-get it!!!

    Thank you, that was fun!!!

  3. #4 -- I stood by the mailbox for 3 days waiting for my 200 mm lens.

    #8 -- I totally agree!

    #11 -- I love my camera.

    #12 -- I wish I'd given that answer!

    #13 -- I should have given that answer!

  4. Got a kick Eric out of your so-called "boring" answers. : ) Roller Coasters made the top 6?! It's not illegal unless you get caught cracked me up. : D Thanks for playing my meme and have a great weekend! Tell your friends to post on the meme site! ; )

  5. Sometimes, I'll make stuff up when my answers get too boring. Happens a lot with the repeat questions.

    Have a great Friday!

  6. I agree with you on a lot here. Living in the present and such. ROFLMAO at “It’s only illegal if you get caught!”

  7. I bought the Bridge a long time ago so I don't know how you can be selling it...LOL. And you're very fortunate for not being able to answer the lie question.

    Enjoy your weekend, Bubba! Thanks for stopping by!


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