December 22, 2010

Infinite Universe

I find the concept of the universe having a ‘shape’ as laughable... they propse shapes like flat, spherical, or even, saddle-shaped?

(Honestly, what equinophiliac though that one up?)

All these mathematical ponderers struggling to describe how and why our universe is changing overlook the most obvious (and unfathomable) reason of all: The universe is infinite.

Despite all their brain power, mathematicians seem to be (pardon the pun) universally pigeon-holed into the notion that there must be some kind of boundary out there.

I’m reminded of my early drawing classes where the instructor chided students for drawing outlines of people.  People don’t look like cartoon characters, outlined in black and colored in; that’s only in coloring books!

It is understandable that human beings, with our limited senses and limited life-spans, have trouble wrapping their also-limited minds around notions like eternity and infinity. 

But that doesn’t mean that there must be an alternative, understandable solution.

I believe there are no boundaries that ‘outline’ our universe... it simply goes on forever, shapeless, eternal and infinite.


  1. oh yeah its a big place...if i find the end i will drop you a line...smiles

  2. Just think how infinate the world of that moth seems- so emmense, he can't travel but a small part of it his entire existance...

    I don't have a theory because I don't claim to know that which is unknowable...
    While co-workers claim with certainty that beyond our limited-size universe, there's an actual heaven all around it. Well, if that's true, where is Hell?
    Math tho, tries to postulate the quantifiable, n the known universe may be, however, if 90 percent of this place is an unknown, black matter, How can more than 10 percent of our knowledge be correct?
    Just thinking...


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