November 26, 2010

A Matter of Love

I brought you a dozen red roses
You tossed them in a compost heap
Then picked some yellow dandelions

I told you it was wasteful
You said it wasn’t so important
Then brought me some zucchini bread

I bought you a pearl necklace
You threw it into the sea
Then had some oysters for lunch

I brought you a bottle of fine wine
You poured it down the sink
Then drank some cheap beer

I told you to be serious
You jumped up on the table
Then danced some kind of jig

I bought you a brand-new luxury car
You sold it for ten dollars
Then drove off in some rusty jalopy

I brought you to town for furniture
You ran instead to a toy store
Then bought some paper kites

I told you that I loved you
You laughed at the notion
Then said you liked me some

I bought you a diamond ring
You disengaged it from your left hand
Then dropped it down some sewer

I brought you a painting
You slashed it with a razor
Then drew some crayon stick figures

I told you that I gave up
You kissed my cheek gently
Then kissed me some more

I bought you nothing else
You finally just smiled bright
Then said you loved me truly


  1. I'm a free verse scribbling writer, and this is sort of free verse, yet not.. all I know is that I really liked it.. you started at A and wove a wonderful tale all the way to Y..

    good stuff here..

  2. Great poem! Love cannot be bought indeed. What a great message. You penned it well!

  3. Eric, this is awesome, just awesome. I really love it. You've outdone yourself on this one.

    Love & Blessings,


  4. Ah you see- money can't buy you love

  5. This was lovely. You can't buy love. Perfect, Eric!

  6. This was a wonderful poem, Eric. It made me smile, but it had a strong message!

  7. hmmmmm..
    Just thinking..

    On a lighter side, next time you wish to buy gifts, let me know- I'll give you my postal.. LOLsss
    Love xxx

  8. I love the quirk of it and how it ends.

    Welcome to Poets United.

  9. Sounds like true love! lol...Dulce is right money cannot buy you love...another awesome poem Eric!


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