November 23, 2010

I Could Run This Country

I could run this country
It doesn’t seem too hard
You make a lot of promises
And rake the muck real hard

And once you get elected
You hire all your friends
Get lot of contributions
And gifts everyone sends

You fly around in Air Force One
And visit many lands
Meet with kings and diplomats
To smile and shake their hands

And when you’re feeling randy
A phone call will send down
An intern or a movie star, if
The First Lady’s out of town

And when all your promises
Just fail to appear
You blame the other party
Or anyone that’s near

(I guess I should be thankful that I don't have to run this country!)


  1. Nice write Eric, I like your on this matter.


  2. Add the word `View` to my last comment Lol. ;0)

  3. This is so awesome Eric! So true and said with true finesse! Some may not agree, but it is wonderful we can speak our oppinion through words, and poems. And yes, no one truly wants that job....too much responsibility, and no one can keep everyone happy all of the time...but it would be nice for politicions to quit blaming each other or the other your wonderful raw honesty Eric! :-)

  4. *giggle*

    very cheeky....and truthful (that disqualifies you to run the country,btw)


  5. Enjoyed this. Ah, the choices of leaders.

  6. Very Clever...and the blaming that not the truth...for any politician....bkm

  7. Certainly not a job I would want! Great poem.

  8. You also get to show up at the world eco-conference in a gas guzzling super tank that looks like a limo sending a message to the world that we really don't care what they think and that we want them to do as we say....not....

  9. Lol! Everyone would blame you for everything. Otherwise, it would be nice to have all the perks. Loved it.

  10. sounds about right...this was fun :)

  11. Enjoyed this, Eric. I definitely wouldn't want to run any country - it's hard enough running my house :)

  12. it's the worst position on earth! ugh. I could, but I won't.

    Very cute

  13. Only thing is, it turns your hair gray overnight.

    Clever poem, Eric. I once read that anyone who wants to be President should be immediately disqualified just because they want it. The very desire shows they can't think straight.

  14. :) yes, the job really looks promising :)

  15. darn that sounds such fun!!!! it does make you wonder though what makes these people so different to us....its a rare commodity these days that finds a politician that is there for the people and to make things most its a career and a job....sad indeed...thanks for linking in with OSW Pete

  16. Pete, I believe the phrase 'honest politician' is an oxymoron. Honest folks can't get elected, and even if they could they wouldn't get far swimming against the flow of the secrective, dishonest, self-serving majority.

    (Is it apparent that I dislike politics/politicians?)

  17. Ah! Political Satire!

    So much truth packed in that one!

  18. Agreed - I like your take on politics.

  19. LBJ said "Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. You just have to stand there and take it." I can't wait til we have President Palin dancing with the world leaders...;)

  20. Hahaaa that was a funny one and quite right

  21. LOL I see you lost the hat in your porfile pic. Does that mean you're planning a run for office? lol Regardless, excellent flow to your poem—skillful and with humor. Cheers, Eric

  22. you know i could think of a few that could...smiles. nice write eric

  23. Grin. Good one. I've long believed that IF you could actually make a difference and live by your convictions, you could never be elected. To win, you have to sell your soul.

  24. So, you want to run the country... I agree be grateful that you couldn't. You and Brian Miller would be good!

  25. yes great flow and humor

    the sad thing is anyone could do the job that officials are doing today

    Thanks for the One Shot

    moon smiles

  26. Well,said!Bravo!But if ever you decide to run,I'm all for it.We need someone with a great sense of humor.Not only that a man who have a knack to put words together.

    But real sorry I can't vote for you!We live in a different country.haha!!

  27. If wishes could be as solid as pebbles kept as talismans...and it were yours, I'd vote for you! But like June, I can't! Thanks for this nice shot!

  28. Dear Eric

    Wonderful... I liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


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