October 4, 2010

They’re There


Their rules in trade

Their terms are staid

Their cost is jade

Their options weighed

Their coins are laid

Their bets are made

Their game is played

Their white dog strayed

Their black wolf bayed

Their words were prayed

Their donkeys brayed

Their house afraid

Their horsemen raid

Their gods no aid

Their trees no shade

Their barren glade

Their young ones stayed

Their thirteenth grade

Their ropes were braid

Their nerves were frayed

Their fate the blade

Their blood was sprayed

Their flesh was flayed

Their bodies splayed

Their price was paid

Their reasons fade



  1. I would attempt to add to your rhyme but wow, I think you have used them all?

    Such fun... THANK YOU!

  2. What a rhyme journey! I had trouble finding an unused one too... Nice wrap up anyway-
    Your blog is a fun find- I'll be back!
    Hop-clicked from your photo blog, from Talons comments today.
    I like your word ver definitions!

  3. Nice! I wonder, where are they...?


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