October 26, 2010

Special Friend

Here's a little ditty about some special friends
Who do not even realize what all of this portends

I read their postings every day, I read them with delight
Their words are inspiration and they make me feel so right

I'm not going to mention names, for some of them are shy
They do not write for glory, nor to be praised from on high

But if you know the blogs around and know who's always there
Then you just might guess the ones whose talents are so rare

So take these words to heart, my friends, for what I have to say
For there are special people here who always makes my day

Life's so much better with friends!


  1. what a priceless post....and such a kind post. I love all the creativity that zips through the ethernet....from any where and any place-isn't it great! Rather addictive too- have to limit my
    sitting down time!

  2. Eric,
    It was so lovely to read such a heartfelt poem.
    There are some wonderful friends, who enjoy sharing their words and exchanging feedback and comment.
    Most of my friends have been found gathered together in that special place called Poets United!!!!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. bet you made a few feel special today with that one...smiles.

  4. Beautiful tribute to all bloggers
    I humbly hope to be one of those- if ever... once in a while- For so you are to me , if ver once in a while... I wish I had more time- as most bloggers do!


  5. What a lovely tribute, Eric. The flow was so perfect!

  6. beautiful friendship poem,
    delightful flow.


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