October 12, 2010

The Seasons (ala Nordine)

The Seasons (ala Nordine)


Spring... a time when Mother Nature wakes from white slumbering sleep.
Spring... its gentle warmth warming, its icy ice melting, its flowery flowers flowering.
Spring... all the greens there to be seen, all the greens that have ever been.

The thing about Spring is it can do anything...
Anything, that is, except stop being Spring.



This Summer is hot. Simply hot - and that’s saying a lot, because sometimes a Summer is a Summer that’s not.

But not this Summer.  This Summer is hotter than hot, hotter still than the coolest cool cat was ever cool.  (An interesting contrast)

But this Summer doesn’t care, no, this Summer doesn’t mind.  This Summer is happy making it hot all the time.  Hot and sweaty, sticky and close... that’s the Summer I dislike most.

Sometimes this Summer can be a real bummer.


The Autumn leaves leave the trees and fall to the Autumn ground, all dried and Autumn brown.  The Autumn winds blow and blow the Autumn trees to and fro, making the leaves lose their weakened grip, making them slip... slip down, down, down, falling to the ground... fall falling so far, but they hardly make a sound.

The wind howls and growls, intent upon baring every branch.  The wind howls and growls, blowing broken oaken words and mis-spoken maple songs.

But there’s an anger in the wind, a hatred of something that’s thwarting its de-leafing purposes.  It’s an angry breeze that screams through the trees, trees that defy, trees that make the wind cry.

Ohhhhhhh, Autumn...  Did you hear that Autumn?  Did you?

It’s just the Autumn wind... sounding mean... through an evergreen.


When Winter coats the world with white, then winter coats are soon in sight.  Winter weather chills the air.  Winter, whether or not you care.

But Winter isn’t all cold and frost.  Winter’s real gone and full of fun.  Sleds and snowboards, skates and skis - all are reasons to dig this coolest of the seasons.

Don’t just stay inside and mope when the whiteness of Winter shows a great white hope.  Winter’s white and that’s all right... all right, all white, and there, in plain sight.

There’s nowhere to go, so put on some snow-wear and head for the snow.  Build a snowman, if you can - or a snow woman, if that’s your plan – some coal and a carrot, with a hat on top.  I hope this Winter will never stop.

(Apparently nobody noticed when I posted this one awhile ago.  But I think it deserves another chance, if only to bring people's attention to beat poet Ken Nordine, to whom this is a style tribute)


  1. not sure i am ready for winter yet...cant we just stay in fall for a bit?

  2. Actually, I've been working on a fall-inspired piece today and I'll be posting it soon.

    (In the meantime, you can all check out some nice fall shots in my photo blog)

  3. "...blowing broken oaken words and mis-spoken maple songs..." Great imagery!
    Plus, I really like trees-

    A fun style n amusing too!


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