September 13, 2010

My Dark Muse

My Dark Muse awaits me
almost brooding
but she gently stirs

Deep, rich, brown
she's almost ebon
and bold in character

Some would have her colder
but she's hot to the touch
and warms me inside

Some would have her lighter
but she's bright and strong
and elevates my mood

Some would have her sweeter
but she's more substantial
and quickens my heart

Some may think her bitter
but they don't realize
haven't tasted her fully

I love her every day
she encourages me, urges me
each time she fills my cup


  1. what a lovely dark muse.
    she is right 4 u,
    she is the one 4 u...

    cool piece!

  2. Thanks for sharing your talent with Jingle poetry...
    love your work and up lifting spirits..

    Happy monday!
    feel free to look around and enjoy others' treats.

    link in at most 3 poems by Tuesday night.
    have fun!

  3. Awww...this is lovely, I love her too :P

    The soothing feelings that flowed through this poem give peacefulness in a person mind, amazing!

    Happy Poetry Potluck, my friend<3

  4. ah i love my coffee as well...but i also have a dark muse...ironically my coffee shop is 'The Muse'

  5. very nice, I'm thinking coffee? Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  6. I have a whole series of coffee poems. I find them a joy to write (and read!)

    GRATEFUL for your words this morning!

    Read my poetry here...

  7. Coffee, an idea of Eden! LOL! Awesome post!


  8. i am loving how she is your muse. Thank you for this beautiful piece

  9. How lovely. It's a shame that I am condemned to de-caff, which in no way could be described as a muse. But I can dream at the scent.

  10. Somehow I was expecting 'dark' not caffinated. Fun anywho.

  11. Great word choices in this piece Eric, totally thinking coffee too? Thanks so much for linking with Potluck...your support is invaluable my friend xx

  12. Robust and vibrant muse. Does seem to fit your work. - bill

  13. Pretty good...except for the subject. Not a coffee fan.

  14. No! You can't have her! She's MINE! :)

  15. Enjoyed this so much, Eric. Very clever! I don't drink coffee with caffeine, but this makes me wish I did!

  16. I like this one.:) Shall we have .........

  17. Easy 1...2...3. Read and write your own article. A new collabrative dimension -

  18. I'm grateful for all the kind words.

    This was easy to write for me, since I love coffee. In fact, I'm a wee bit of a coffee snob - I buy whole bean coffees, grind them fresh, make 1/2 pots, use gold filters, etc.

  19. I love her of my best friends...must take to her everyday...nice write...thanks for bringing the coffee to the potluck..bkm

  20. Well done...not bitter at all, when taken with a grain of salt. Nice Potluck offering :)

  21. muse or angel makes a comforting presence in our lifes


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