September 10, 2010

Fall in 55

Greens turn to reds
Greens turn to gold

The plentiful reaping
of fall harvest days

Kids outta beds
out into the cold

The plentiful teaching
of early school days

Halloween dreads
in disguises so bold

The plentiful crunching
of fallen-leaf days

Baking warm breads
from recipes of old

The plentiful munching
of shared family days


  1. I love the Fall
    Harvest, Football, and Salmon Fishing.
    Excellent Michigan 55 Bubba.
    You Rock From Inkster to Engadine..
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Salmon fishing rocks, G-Man! (Just about any kind of fishing rocks in my book!)

  3. smiles. a rather beautiful fall you paint...cant wait to hear the crunch under my feet on early morning walks...with a steaming cup of coffee...nice 55.

  4. Fall colors bring it for my. Love that sound of crunching leaves under my feet. Great 55. Mine is also up.

  5. Autumn is my favourite time of year. You described it excellently.

  6. shared family days - so beautiful - your fall in 55 made appetite for real fall…

    off-topic: LOL - your comment on my blog - loved it and may give it a try….smiles

  7. What an excellent move into fall my friend. All so true. The aroma of a Thanksgiving turkey :) Wonderful 55. Have a great weekend :)

  8. In India, we only tend to fall sick in Fall. Its so dicey, this change of weather :(

  9. (in my Eeyore voice) i, too, love the've captured many of the best

    but i'm still too busy missin my pool....

  10. Nice one- although a tad early for Halloween, no?
    ( candy is already out in stores along w/ plastic pumpkins!) thanks for visiting my 55.

  11. I love the images you include. They are all the best of fall. Thanks for your visit at my place!

  12. My favorite time of year is just around the corner and I can't wait! Loved your autumn themed 55, Eric! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  13. A great seasonal 55, well played!

  14. I love me some Autumn. You picked out some of the very good reasons.

  15. beautiful 55.
    enjoyed your cute and fun side!

  16. Very nice. well i loved this to hum. a kind of crisp rhythm. :)

  17. I adore autumn. It's the very best EVER. Nice 55.


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