July 19, 2010



Ever wake-up inside a full dumpster?
Ever sniff-out a week-dead hamster?

Ever lose yourself a hundred dollar bill?
Ever find yourself with lots of time to kill?

Ever see a dried, run-over turtle?
Ever see a hurdler miss his hurdle?

Ever smelled a bloated, dead beaver?
Ever heard insanity in a ‘true believer’?

Ever stepped on a long rusty nail?
Ever swallowed an old, rancid snail?

Ever get stabbed in the heart by love?
Ever lost faith in the good Lord above?

Ever stubbed your big toe on a big step?
Ever had somebody steal all your pep?

Ever had a case of athlete’s foot, or clap?
Ever suffered hearing loud, obnoxious rap?

Ever have people think you’re just a dope?
Ever have something make you lose all hope?



  1. Haha! I love it! Yes to some, no to most. I'll let you guess which is which. :)

  2. This one was actually spurred-on by a chance rhyming of hamster and dumpster.


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