June 16, 2010

Another Drop

A bright horn glares and blares
Stuttering unseen fingers snap in the blue-blue smoke
Double-bass thumps at a snare drag-along
Knock-knee tables between feigning, skew-beret hipsters

Cool scat Daddy-O schizzin’ on-stage rhymes
Nightshade eyes stare, dead but there
Content in palpable contempt
Stupid fucks bored with the world

A primal scream
Sudden, sharp, and mean like a razor
The spot goes black - they clap, snap-snap
Fifty bucks, the insipid schmucks

The scat-man hits the street with a different beat
Go sloe, play rummy
What the...?
Hit it back, keep it for another day

The rest comes easy
Like sliding down a sty
(Just watch out for the pigs)
Back to familiar bricks of home street home

Don’t forget to draw the shade
Life ain’t alive 'til night
Sun-lit day too harsh for Coolies
Better lay low, wait for the dark chill to return like an old friend

Pretending to be patient
Toes tapping, constant smoking
What the hell is sleep but a visit to the grave
Not living, not alive

Soon the horn blows anew
Time to stumble back into the dark
Lured by something more than the fast cash
Awkward and urgent, like a math class hard-on

Lured back to those stupid fucks pretending
Better than open sores or open scorn
And some kind of hero, regardless
Better than being disregarded

Another drop in the bucket
And he’s free



  1. This ones got a great sound, like a busy street in an old city neighborhood mmm i can hear the beatniks now clicking away with a hot cuppa'jo.
    Rusty nice.

  2. Thanks! I'm just glad somebody read it!

  3. Love the loose rhythm the words take on. Very nice, indeed.

  4. I could really picture the scene - and you really carry the mood powerfully. This is very well done. It tells the story well.

  5. this is fabulous.
    you never fail to entertain us.
    keep it up.

    hope to see you at our potluck tonight.
    Happy Sunday!


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