May 10, 2010

Friday 55: Twofer

I get many inspirations in the bathroom
while showering or brushing my teeth.
Life seems to be laid bare, like myself,
and my mind opens to what’s beneath.

What the hell's wrong with people today?
Flipping pages of History too fast to read.
Don’t analyze, rationalize, compartmentalize...
Be real, learn to feel: That’s the deal!


  1. maybe the inspiration comes in the bathroom because it's the place you;re least likely to be interrupted?

  2. yeah i get inspired in th bathroom as well...i agree with lime it seems to be a quiet place to reflect while you take a load off...smiles. nice 55

  3. i always sing in the shower...but when i read your 55, i think i should be quiet next time and see if i get inspired as well..nice 55 eric!

  4. Me too, re bathroom inspiration. "Be real" - good advice but easier said than done... until one gets it.

  5. I have a phone line, and color cable TV in my bathroom. If I had a refridgerator in there I would NEVER have to leave the Privy.
    I forgot...I also have my laptop set up on a TV tray in there..

    Loved your inspirational 55...
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G


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