May 7, 2010

Muse-ings (for Jingle's Poetry Potluck)

Muse: Part 1

Pay attention to your muse

Catch her

Grab her

Hold her tight

Let inspiration flow
as gold from a vein

Spank her lightly
to send her on her way

Smile that you’ve known her

Love her ‘til you die

And So It Goes...

I met my muse in a book by somebody else. I was prodded into writing, jumping up off my bed to grab paper and pencil.

(I prefer a pen, but could not delay the writing for the interminable seconds it would have taken to find a pen)

Something inside me was driven awake and could not be stopped, like an internal locomotive, and my hand cramped with the sudden fury of so much writing. But why was I prodded so? What was so important to get down on paper? What was I trying to say?

Then, like fading remnants of a dream, the fury passed and I was left pondering the whole event. Perhaps I was merely trying to capture my muse - which we all know can never really be done.

Hell, you’re lucky just to capture a fleeting image, like a snap-shot on the page.

Muse: Part 2

My muse is a man
With a golden dark tan

My muse is a girl
With her skirt all a-twirl

My muse is the sun
Burning hot like a gun

My muse is the moon
Wax-waning bright spoon

My muse has now gone
I guess I’m all done

Be A-Mused (Muse: Part 3)

I believe it’s rude to ignore your muse, to dismiss inspiration when it strikes you.

But I also believe that many people are incapable of even hearing their muses, much less obeying them.

They trudge through life, uninspired and unaware, ignoring all that’s glorious in favor of the dull drudgery of work and toil.

Having no joy in their lives, fruitless and dry like the withered vine... such a tedious existence!

Sometimes your muse must be coaxed and charmed into gracing your presence... occasionally wine or song must be used to lull her to you.

Other times she comes and kicks you in the ass, lighting that proverbial fire to get you out of your seat and back into the throes of living.

Court her gently when you must, drink deeply when she’s generous, be grateful for her time and gracious with your praises.

For hers is the gift that cannot be taken away; it stays with you ‘til you're 'neath the sod.


  1. you are a natural entertainer! there is something enlightening yet refreshing about what you write!

  2. Well, thank you for that great compliment!
    (I feel like you asked for my autograph!)

  3. Wow - looks like your muse was working over time - nice! Not sure which of your iterations I like best! :o)

  4. awesome advice on part I,
    vivid description on part II,
    part III is amusing read...beautiful message about muses,
    Thanks for sharing it with potluck.

  5. I agree with fiveloaf.Here you find something unique.*envies*

    Well,I'm still hoping that by dropping here your humor and uniqueness will rub to me.

    Will make sure I listen to my muse!

  6. You have given a delightful twist to your presentation. Blending beautifully prose and verse.A unique piece! Enjoyed it!

  7. I loved the second part most! Very much!

  8. lol..great work Eric sometimes we need that kick in the to get started...loved it

  9. I think I'm relating to the part where my muse has kicked my ass...doesn't take much anymore.

    Loved it all, Eric, and I give thanks for your many muses and your ever-cheerful presence hither and yon in the poetic blogospere.

  10. Enjoyed cavorting with your muse and hope mine comes out to play pretty soon. :0)

  11. There are all so wonderful. We need to remember to pay tribute to our muses!

  12. *clap, clap, clap*...well said!!!

    Let's take care of our muse, they just at moments you least expect it...

  13. Awesome...
    It was a great read..
    Thanks for sharing :)

  14. bravissimo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Muse!

  15. I'm glad you listen to your muse, Eric :)

    Loved this!

  16. Dear Eric
    I enjoyed all three parts and the words ' Court her gently when you must, drink deeply when she’s generous, be grateful for her time and gracious with your praises.' got to me... deeply... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  17. Yesssss, to all three parts of your efforts here.
    Excellent and I agree, she's allusive, bossy when she wants to be and unable to be lived without!
    Thanks Eric, a grand read. :)

  18. week 11 potluck awards/treats 4 u

    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to week 11, hope to see you next Monday!
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate!

  19. ohhhh.. so much about muse Eric.. I guess we all feel it this way. Any one who writes would know about it..

    A butterfly, a child, a thing of beauty.. it could go on- yet we can not 'catch" it.. I guess its ethereal and as free as air, as flowing as water, as beautiful as nature..

    Wonderful words Dear..
    Love xx

  20. eric, you are such a muse yourself. so glad to know you.
    kiss kiss!


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