May 28, 2010

Claudia (my first 55)


(This is a much-shortened version of a story I started working on recently)

College started soon and Josh needed a place to stay.

A newspaper ad led him to a three-bedroom apartment.

Ben showed him the room next to Claudia’s.  (Claudia?) She wasn’t home.

At midnight she kicked in his door...

'She' was Ben in a dress, wielding a sharp knife.

(Josh never did make it to class)



  1. And I can understand why. Nice one.

  2. Yikes! You say the apartment was converted from part of the Bate's Motel?

  3. Very interesting 55 and, I must say, it definitely grabs your attention in a few short words.

    I love your bright, bold header with its electric blue flower.

    My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon
    ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

  4. oh my great story...would love to see the expanded version. welcome to 55s as well!

    my 55 is up!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words. I've got a longer, more detailed, but (as of yet) still incomplete version posted on my Live Space page. This 55 version is kind of a spoiler, since it sums up the basic direction I was thinking of heading with the story.

  6. First stab at a 55 and you hit the mark. My 55 is HERE .

  7. Welcome to 55! Great job with your first entry. Come back and give us more.

  8. great 55
    those college apartments - never know what kinda room mate you'll get

  9. Thank you! I've already got my next 55 in the works.

  10. Well Eric...
    This was a bit 'Dark'...
    Dark and EXCELLENT!!
    Great Job Brother, I hope you had fun doing this.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, see ya next Friday, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  11. Likewise, G-Man! (Three day weekends ROCK!) See ya next Friday!

  12. handsome 55.
    thanks for playing!

  13. Hot diggity dog...this 1st 55 is a gang buster! :)
    Come by and visit mine sometime!!


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