January 18, 2011

The Curse Of A Soft Heart

I am cursed with a soft heart
Harsh words or deeds tear me apart
In contrast, soft words, gentle art
Have me longing from the start

Over the years I tried and tried
To build a mighty wall inside
A fortress strong for me to hide
A place where pain would be denied

But hearts soft as mine wither soon
Without the sun, without the moon
Without a lovely dancer’s tune
Without the lake-call of the loon

So I go, from time to time
Without melody, without rhyme
But soon the bells begin to chime
And out of bed again I'll climb

If you would be a friend to me
Take my heart, oh, but gently
Hold it close and tenderly
And let us fly together free


  1. i'll fly with you, ya softie. kiss!

  2. There is a strength in softness ... giving a little and bending in the wind is perhaps a better solution than developing the brittleness that so often comes as part and parcel of hardness. I'd rather be soft, but with hardness as an option ... sort of like a klingon cloaking device to be deployed at short notice in extremis! xx Jos


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