July 20, 2010

The Settling

When time weighs heavily on a man
His features are drawn slowly down
His eyes grow dim and pack their bags
His once-smiling mouth wears a frown

The weight of the world aches in his bones
His joints creak and complain
The robust mane then starts to thin
From grey to white, then bald again

His spirit arises to rebuke this decay
To deny this gradual falling
Irate and indignant, struggling in vain
Not heeding Nature’s calling

He turns his back on wiser ways
To seek out young men’s ventures
To drink again the draughts of youth
And shorten-up his long dentures

But time simply can’t be denied
And soon declares his folly
Exposing all of the thorny sprigs
Among the rose and holly

The man will heave a heavy sigh
And settle in his station
No longer rash, he wears the smile
Of sublime resignation

He sees his children laugh and grow
His heart beat warm and steady
And quietly he will come along
Whenever time is ready


  1. wonderful poem,
    yes, he will come around when it is time,
    hopeful sentiment!

  2. nicely written..

  3. Ah, second childhood-- not as charming as the first. Lots of intriguing lines in this!

  4. I'm flattered by these kind words. Thank you!

  5. Wow...I agree with mairmusic, second shidhood!! What a beautifully written poem you have written. I love the flow of the lines. Awesome x

  6. I came here from Jingle's Poetry Rally and was hooked by this line:

    His eyes grow dim and pack their bags

    A fabulous turn of phrase. Thanks!


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